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Our club was established on 25/01/1993. Our members gather around a common ideal that acquaintance is an opportunity for service; every Rotarian puts their ideal of service into practice in their personal life, work and professional life, and social life, and promotes goodwill and peace.

Based on this common ideal, we develop projects in the 7 priority areas of Rotary and provide our services even before we do anything for ourselves. We have our Rotaract and Interact clubs. We also give our support to and create opportunities for Young Generations in opportunities for service.


Our Mission

To develop sustainable international and regional projects that raise awareness, provide community-focused services, and promote engagement.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To create, first as an individual and then as a society, a world where we come together, establish fellowships and take action to materialize a lasting change in the world as a whole.

Let's Change Lives with Our Services

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